Current Course Offerings

Just a quick announcement, we now have three courses available:

Statistical Problem Solving in Geography – This course is similar to a an undergraduate course in statistics and geography.  It forms the foundation of quantitative geography that you can apply to GIS.  The course is based on my textbook An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography.

Enterprise GIS with Open Source Software – In this course, you’ll learn how to implement a multi-user, multi-software enterprise GIS using QGIS, Postgres, and PostGIS.  You’ll also learn how to connect other software products like PGAdmin, Manifold GIS, and you’ll even write python scripts to access the GIS data from outside the application.

Spatial SQL With PostGIS  –  While the Enterprise GIS class will give you some exposure to SQL, this class is fully devoted to teaching you how to write SQL and particularly spatial SQL.  After this class, you’ll be a power user of SQL and wonder why you didn’t start writing SQL sooner!

Like all courses, you’ll work alongside me while we make our way through the material.

Each link above will take you to the respective course, and also includes a coupon code within the link, making the courses $30 – a real steal for hours of technical content.  The links will let you view the course syllabus and even watch a few of the lectures for free.


New site, new method of teaching

It has been awhile since I’ve done anything with the site.  I was waiting for a new release of Manifold GIS.  For now, that will have to wait.  So I have moved the site over to wordpress, as I think it provides a better layout, and gives me more opportunity to express ideas.

The other reason for the change is because training has now moved to an online format!  I have chosen to use as a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver course content.  Hosting the course online will allow students to have an better experience in their learning, and allow me to keep the costs very reasonable.

The first course I’m rolling out is Using Open Source Tools to Create an Enterprise GIS.  This is a brand new course where I will walk users step-by-step into creating their own Enterprise GIS from scratch, using PostGRES, PostGIS, QGIS, and python.  You can read more about the course by selecting the Courses menu at the masthead on the top of the page.

New courses are getting ready to roll out.  One idea is to recreate the older videos to work within the Udemy format.  Another option is to just plow ahead and create new courses from scratch.  The first two I have planned are Spatial SQL: A Language for Geographers, where I will teach students how to write basic and advanced spatial SQL in PostGIS, and An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography: Private Tutoring, where I will provide private lectures on each chapter in my textbook An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography.

Before you purchase any course, make sure to check here for coupon codes: Udemy allows the authors to offer coupons and thus avoid a 50% – 75% surcharge on the course materials.  The coupon for the Enterprise GIS class is:


That takes the cost from $85 down to $60.  Udemy will market my course to others at the full price, but for friends and family, I can offer a discount.  However, even at $85 it is a great deal: where else will you actually have the opportunity to build your own enterprise GIS? training provides expert video training services and consulting for using Manifold GIS and selected Open Source GIS tools.  In addition, performs consulting activities for many Manifold users throughout the world, enabling users to more efficiently use Manifold GIS.

Currently, the courses are being migrated to online delivery through the Udemy Learning Management System (LMS).  With the Learning Management System you will have a learning experience like an online course, and all courses have a discussion board where you can interact with other students.

In order help the many users getting started with Manifold GIS (or those users upgrading from previous versions), created training courses that will guide you through hands-on training exercises focused on the major GIS concepts supported in Manifold.

 Our training is used by hundreds of companies all over the world.